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最近のわずかの数年間で、ASWBのLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法認定試験は日常生活でますます大きな影響をもたらすようになりました。将来の重要な問題はどうやって一回で効果的にASWBのLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法認定試験に合格するかのことになります。この質問を解決したいのなら、ShikenPASSのASWBのLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法試験トレーニング資料を利用すればいいです。この資料を手に入れたら、一回で試験に合格することができるようになりますから、あなたはまだ何を持っているのですか。速くShikenPASSのASWBのLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法試験トレーニング資料を買いに行きましょう。

IT業界で働いている多くの人はASWBのLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法試験の準備が大変だと知っています。我々ShikenPASSはLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法試験の難しさを減らないとは言え、試験準備の難しさを減ることができます。我々の提供する問題集を体験してから、あなたはASWBのLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法試験に合格できる自信を持っています。

試験科目:「ASWB Clinical Level Social Work Licensing Exam」
問題と解答:全250問 LCSW 資格認証攻略

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この時代の変革とともに私たちは努力して積極的に進歩すべきです。ASWBのLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法試験に参加するのを決めるとき、あなたは強い心を持っているのを証明します。我々ShikenPASSはあなたのような積極的な人に目標を達成させます。我々の提供した一番新しくて全面的なASWBのLCSW 日本語版試験勉強法資料はあなたのすべての需要を満たすことができます。

NO.1 Professionals have gathered to help a family devastated by flood. The clinical social worker
therapy to help promote empowerment among the family members. A housing program finds an
affordable apartment and helps the clients relocate. The Red Cross provides food and clothing
for daily living. At a recent luncheon for flood victims, the work and contributions made by all were
recognized. What ethical rule is being followed?
A. Competency
B. Respect
C. Acknowledging the work of others
D. Legitimate practice
Answer: C

LCSW 日記   
Explanation: Clinical social workers should only take credit for the jobs they have actually performed.
Cooperation with other professionals in different areas serves the well-being of clientele. All team
members and their accomplishment should be acknowledged.

NO.2 A clinical social worker was observed accepting money from an attorney for a copy of a client's
The colleague who witnessed the event discussed the matter with the professional, and efforts are
made to resolve the problem. The actions that took place in regards to the client's records fall under
A. Confidentiality
B. All of the above
C. Privacy
D. Unethical conduct
Answer: B

LCSW 受験生   
Explanation: All clinical social workers need to take appropriate measures to expose, prevent,
or correct unethical conduct by fellow colleagues. They are under obligation to not share client
without a signed informed consent. According to HIPAA, all clients have a legal right to their privacy.

NO.3 Beverly is a 72 year old female who suffers from diabetes. She lives independently, but her
health was
recently diagnosed by a doctor as slowly failing. The medical professional sees the cause as being a
of nutrition and failure to take medication as prescribed. Beverly does not drive and stays within her
Neighbors have noticed a lack of food in the house and Beverly not appearing to be very clean. A
social worker is assigned to handle case management. What will be this individual's main function?
A. Short-term communication and planning
B. Assessment, education and coordination of services
C. Preparing the individual for assisted living
D. Administering medication, daily living skills, assessment
Answer: B

LCSW 解答例   
Explanation: Case management is a service ideal for supporting individuals with chronic diseases. In
Beverly's case, she is losing the ability to self-manage. The clinical social worker will assess
long-term care needs. The focus is on collaboration between social and health care providers.
case management supports the individual in a manner that allows effective community involvement
maintaining that person in their home.

NO.4 Clinical social workers utilize an approach to working with clients that often has a good fit with
the client
because it can be tailored to their needs. What kind of approach is it?
A. Straightforward
B. Harm Reduction
C. Ambivalent
D. Eclectic
Answer: D

LCSW 過去   
Explanation: An eclectic approach to therapy draws from many theories and methods to address
issues in a variety of ways that can be tailored to fit the beliefs, needs, and abilities of the client.

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